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The 2014 exhibition will include a 'Pop Up Art Shop' at the Southbank. Hundreds of entries in the 2014 Koestler Awards will be available to buy and take away.



Entrants for the Koestler Awards choose whether or not they wish their work to be sold. If they opt not to sell (usually because they have already sold the piece or want it for a family member), we return the work to them after judging and exhibition.

About three quarters of entrants opt to sell their work. Of the proceeds from sales:

  • 25% is donated to Victim Support, the national charity for people affected by crime
  • 50% goes to the artist (in prisons, this is paid into the 'private cash' held for each prisoner by the governor)
  • The remainder provides crucial income for the Koestler Trust.

Sales are an important part of the Koestler Trust's work because they:

  • Are an extra incentive for offenders to participate in the arts.
  • Prove to offenders that their positive achievements are worth their while.
  • Help offenders focus on the audience for their work – they learn marketable skills.
  • Bring modest but very valuable extra income to individuals in prisons and in other tough social contexts.
  • Bring offenders' artworks to the attention of the wider public – and into people's homes.
  • Make a contribution to support for victims of crime.
  • Sustain the work of the Koestler Trust.

Scottish prisons and some special hospitals have No Sales policies, but most establishments are pleased for their inmates' work to be sold. Most Koestler entrants receive modest sums from our sales - typically £20 or £30. Sometimes, an exceptional artwork will raise a larger sum: the prison managers then decide what to do with the money, and may open a savings account for when the offender is released, or may use some of the money for materials for the prison art room. Many entrants also choose to donate all the money they raise to the Koestler Trust.


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Alone House
Alone House, Bethlem Royal Hospital, Gold Award for Oil or Acrylic